About Us

Horses have contributed more than any other animal to the survival and civilisation of we humans. Our affinity with the horse is evolutionary; as a food source, an instrument of war, for transport and labour, entertainment, sport and pleasure.

For something that was integral to daily life, harness driving is a dying tradition and mostly foreign to the younger generations. A horse in full ‘regalia’ is mesmerising, the strike of metal shoes and jingle of harness demands attention and deserves not to be lost.

I selected the Percheron breed for their working attitude, reliability, temperament, conformation and strength. Montana and Indiana were both sourced from Victoria as 4 year olds. The dappled greys were chosen for their social personalities and big soft hearts; they are the heart and soul of my business.

The Carriage, like my horses, has presence and charm. Made in Germany in 1997 by Hansmeier, it was sourced from the UK and imported to Australia in 2010. Golden oak, spindled detail, brass lamps, wicker basket, leather seats & disc brakes, it has vintage character with modern necessities.

The horse and carriage experience evokes nostalgia, is enchanting and unique. As the owner, organiser and driver of ‘Classic Carriage Drives’ my priority is to provide a reliable, professional, personalised service that reflects class and old world charm.

Libby and Montana     Riding away

The roads are rare to travel, and life seems all complete;
The grind of wheels on gravel, the trot of horses’ feet …
Henry Lawson, ‘The Lights of Cobb & Co’, 1897